Staunton, Virginia: A Historic Modern Oasis in the Mountains

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is new to the Shenandoah Valley. First of all, the pronunciation can give you away—it’s pronounced “Stanton” and not “Stawnton.” And that’s okay! We understand that our town might not be as well known as Richmond, and we pride ourselves on offering just as many—if not more—reasons to love Staunton, VA.

The majestic greenery and rolling hills offer a beautiful backdrop for a city that is just as rich in history as it is in modern conveniences.

But what exactly does Staunton, VA, have to offer? Why do residents love the area so much?

Relaxing Outdoor Activities

Staunton is ideally located within the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, offering a great launching spot to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. For instance, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers just about every way you can think of to enjoy the mountains. Hiking, biking, or simply driving along the scenic route offers breathtaking views of natural beauty.

Vibrant Restaurant and Bar Scene

A charming downtown area offers a variety of options for those with a more traditional palette as well as culinary-adventurous foodies that are a bit more adventurous. The local dining scene is well-known in the area for its high standards of quality and creativity. Breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and more illustrate the iconic Staunton hospitality.

Dynamic Arts & Culture

Ever since the 19th century, art enthusiasts have come to Staunton to enjoy a show. In fact, the area was a rail junction, making it a popular stopping point for travelers to enjoy vaudeville, the opera, or the generally bustling nightlife. And today is much the same. Staunton is famous for establishments such as the Heifetz Institute of Music, American Shakespeare Center, and the Staunton Music Festival.

Rich History

Staunton’s history goes back more than 300 years, making it one of the oldest cities west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are numerous Civil War historical sites, museums, and attractions just waiting to be explored. For instance, our nation’s 28th president Woodrow Wilson is from Staunton, VA. His presidential library is located here in his hometown, along with the Frontier Culture Museum and the Antique Fire Engine Museum.

Looking to Move to Staunton?

We welcome you! Finding a place to live in the area is easy. Spring Lakes is a new community covering 300 acres and offers everything you need to comfortably settle into this beautiful city. Swimming pools, a fitness center, walking trails, and vast open spaces ensure everyone has something to look forward to every day. Spring Lakes is a lifestyle!

Ready to explore Spring Lakes and the surrounding area? Book a tour today to see exactly how much there is to love in Staunton.